reproductive justice is for everyone!

Reproductive Justice is for Everyone! International Art Exhibition

This juried exhibition is now viewable online in the JAM Museum

Reproductive Justice is for Everyone! asks artists to explore the myriad manifestations, experiences, emotions, and meanings of reproductive justice from present day struggles and organizing to the aspirational and everything in between.

Artists included in RJIFE!
Jude Wolff Ackroyd / Nikhi Aum / Amanda Barr / Liza Brenner / Rose Briccetti / Danqi Cai / Jennifer Caputo-Seidler / Sam Carwyn / Jayden Couper / Miranda Darling / Allison Fradkin / LHolley / Taylor Jackson / Rudi Jie-A-Fa / Baileigh Johnson / Johanna Keefe / Epiphany Knedler / Yewande Kotun Davis / Katrina Majkut / Angela Masker / Melissa Meade / Luca Molnar / Helena Wadsley / N. Dia Webb / Erin Williams / Anna Yang

The term “Reproductive Justice” was coined by Loretta Ross of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and it applies a human rights framework to reproductive health advocacy. As defined by SisterSong, reproductive justice is “the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.”

Reproductive justice centers intersectionality and the experiences of people who are often marginalized in society, including people of color, people who are poor, and people who are queer and and trans. It calls attention to many aspects of reproductive health that are often overlooked, such as maternal death rate disparities for Black women in the US, discrimination in pregnancy healthcare for men who are transgender, economic barriers to abortion and prenatal care for people who are poor, stigmas surrounding menstruation, and effects of poverty and institutional violence on children.

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